1.1 The name of the club shall be “The Chongqing Dog Club.


1.2 The objectives of the Club are :-

a) To do all in its power to protect and advance this vulnerable breed.

b) To promote the responsible ownership of the breed.

c) To encourage the breeding of sound, typical and healthy dogs of good temperament, in accordance with The Breed Standard.

d) To encourage and support the education, exhibition and judging of this breed in accordance with the recognised Breed Standard.


2.2 The club shall consist of an unlimited number of members whose names may be available for inspection if so reasonably requested by a member of the Club or by The Kennel Club (provided the data protection principles are adhered to).


2.3 SUBSCRIPTIONS - The financial year of the Club is 1st January to 31st December. Subscriptions shall be an amount as agreed by members in a General Meeting. Subscriptions are due on election and 1st January each year (those joining after August the fee payable will be 50% of the current subscription rate for that year). A subscription renewal will be issued by the second Friday in December each year. ALL members including those who pay by electronic means MUST complete and submit a Membership Renewal Form EVERY year. Subscription must be received by the nominated Officer on or before the second Friday in January (or the due date notified on the renewal form) for entitlement to the privileges of membership (which are club events, publications, cups and trophies, reduced show entry fees, and puppy support).

A newly elected Member will receive an online welcome pack, copy of the Rules and code of ethics which shall be binding upon them; the acceptance of which is a condition of membership of the Club.

2.4 SUSPENSION If the conduct of any member shall, in the opinion of the Club’s Committee, be injurious or likely to be injurious to the character or interests of the Club, then the Committee of the Club may, at a meeting, determine that they agree unanimously to expel him/her.



The Club will appoint a President who will be democratically elected by the committee for a term of three years.



The Club will appoint an Honorary Vice President who will be democratically elected by the committee for a term of one year.



The same person may not hold the role of Honorary Secretary and Honorary Treasurer. Candidates for Secretary and Honorary Treasurer must have been fully paid up members of the club for a minimum of 24 consecutive months and must be proposed and seconded by fully paid up members; the proposal accompanied by written references from the proposer and seconder and a CV from the candidate but shall be eligible for re-election (without further nomination). Terms of office are for five years; election and re-election is by open ballot from paid up members for the current year at the Annual General Meeting. The office of Honorary Secretary and Honorary Treasurer entitles the holder to full voting rights at all Club meetings. The Honorary Secretary shall be responsible for maintaining accurate minutes of all Club meetings. All committee-approved minutes will be available for membership inspection at all Club Events. The Honorary Secretary will be responsible for forwarding all monies received in respect of membership fees, show entry fees and other income as received for the Club, to the Honorary Treasurer. The Honorary Treasurer must provide at every committee meeting, a list of income and expenditure since the last meeting together with the current balance of all bank accounts. At least two officers must be signatories for withdrawal from the bank account



In addition to the Honorary Secretary and the Honorary Treasurer, a maximum of 12 Committee Members shall manage the Club, all of whom shall have voting rights. Candidates must have been fully paid up members of the club for a minimum of 24 consecutive months and must be proposed and seconded by fully paid up members; the proposal accompanied by written references from the proposer and seconder and a CV from the candidate, election is by secret ballot held at the AGM unless there are less nominations than positions available in which case the nominees are duly elected. The term of office for Committee Members is three years. Four Committee Members shall retire from office each year, but shall be eligible for re-election (without further nomination) by secret ballot from paid up members for the current year held at the Annual General Meeting. The Chairman and Vice Chairman will be elected annually from members of the Committee at the first meeting following the Annual General Meeting. The Chairman will preside at all meetings. If absent, the Vice-Chairman shall preside. If both are absent, then the Committee will elect a Chairman for that meeting. In the case of equal votes, the Chairman has a second or casting vote. At the discretion of the Committee any casual vacancy in Officers or Committee may be filled for the remainder of the year. The resignation of a Committee Member shall be filled for the remaining period of the three-year term of service, announced by secret ballot at the Annual General Meeting. The Committee may form sub-committees and co-opt persons other than Club members, but without voting powers, to serve upon them. The Chairman and Vice Chairman shall be ex-officio members of all sub-committees with voting power. Committee meetings may be held as often as deemed necessary but at least three per annum must be held. Fourteen days’ notice must be given and six people present shall form a quorum. Any Committee Member who does not attend three consecutive meetings without good reason (confirmed in writing) shall have deemed to retire from the Committee. The Committee must appoint a Membership Secretary, a Health and Welfare Officer from within its constituent members. No person whilst an undischarged bankrupt may serve on the Committee of or hold any other office or appointment with a Kennel Club Registered Society.



The A.G.M. shall be held before 30th April at a time and place appointed by the Committee. The purpose of the AGM is:

(I) To receive the Chairman of Committee's report, the Treasurer's report, balance sheet and copies of audited accounts (the audited accounts shall be distributed with the AGM agenda.

(II) To ballots for members of Committee, Secretary and Treasurer whose terms have expired.

(III) To elect the Auditor (in line with Kennel Club guidelines) for the ensuing year, the retiring Auditor is eligible for re-election.

(IV) To discuss all propositions that appear on the AGM agenda. A Preliminary Notice will be sent to fully paid members by December each year indicating the date, venue and the closing date for receipt of Officer and Committee nominations, propositions and agenda items. An Agenda agreed by the committee, and an audited balance sheet will be sent to all fully paid members at least 21 days before the AGM. No business shall be transacted unless itemised on the agenda with the exception of routine affairs or those, which in the opinion of the Chairman of the meeting are urgent. Voting at an Annual General Meeting is based on one vote per person on each subject discussed. Abstentions do not count as either a positive or a negative vote. A quorum for Annual General Meetings will consist of 15 fully paid members present.



This shall be summoned by the Honorary Secretary if 30 members send a signed requisition clearly stating the purpose of the meeting, the subject to be discussed and specifically requesting a Special General Meeting to do so. The Committee of the Club is empowered to call a Special General Meeting at its discretion. No other business other than that detailed on the agenda can be discussed at a Special General Meeting. Members shall be given at least 21 days written notice from the Secretary. If the Secretary, under Committee instruction, does not summon the Special General Meeting within 21 days of receipt of the requisition then the requisitionists may themselves do so.



All new rules, alterations to existing rules, the reversal of a former act or decision or the acceptance of a proposition shall be made at an Annual General meeting or a Special General Meeting only, the notice for which contains specific proposals to amend the rules. The sanction of a majority of Members present shall be necessary to confirm any action taken. Oral amendments may not introduce matters beyond the scope of original propositions/rule changes especially if these matters might have themselves formed the subject of a separate proposition/rule change. Any amendment to a rule change/proposition must be restricted to matters such as the improvement of the language used, or at most, the removal of ambiguity. Such alterations shall not be brought into force until the Kennel Club has been advised and the alteration approved once the Club has seeked Kennel Club approval. New rules or amendments introduced specifically to meet Kennel Club requirements will be adopted immediately and be included in the Club’s Rules following the next AGM.


The Club will appoint judges who will be democratically elected by the Committee. As the breed begins to grow the committee will form a judges list and have this published on the club website.  A data protection form must be kept on file for each name on the list confirming consent. As we continue to grow with education and seminars and our own licensed club shows we can proceed forward with a more breed specialist list and non breed specialist list.


All property/assets of the Club will be placed on an inventory and will be controlled by the Club’s Committee. If for any reason the Club shall cease to exist as a Club, all property/assets will be disposed of to the Club’s best advantage; in particular to either reduce any financial sums that may be owed or affray any expenses that may be incurred. All Challenge Cups and Trophies donated to the Club become the sole property of the Club and are accepted upon that basis only. The Committee may make such rules with regards to them as they think fit.


No member of the Club shall incur any kind of liability in the name of the Club. Only the Secretary or Treasurer shall incur such liabilities with the authority of the Committee and no member shall make use of the title of The Chongqing Dog Club for the purpose of private advertisement or personal letters, without written permission of the Committee.


The Chongqing Dog Club shall not join any other Federation of Societies or Clubs.

Ratified at Annual General Meeting 25th January 2023.