As a breed this was the club inaugural event held in the UK for Chongqing Enthusiasts from across the globe, what has been described as the best Chongqing event so far gives us something to look forward to upgrading in 2023. The Inaugural Chongqing Dog Club Breed Appreciation Weekend was organised by Sharon & Chris Evison, Clare & Andrew Bannister and Robbie and Sinead Mitchell.


We had arranged a full weekend of breed seminars, two shows and a gala meal for the Saturday evening.  We invited the Chinese Red Dogs and the Chuandong Hounds to join us for the weekend too.  We had a good turn out for the Chinese Red Dogs but sadly no attendance for the Chuandong Hounds.  The Chinese Red Dog owners and enthusiasts said that they would love to join us again and very pleased to be on this new journey with us as a new breed club.

 We held seminars on the breed history, breed standard, owning a primitive breed, proposed health scheme, how to show your Chongqing for beginners, Reproduction and fertility, Breed talk on the Chinese Red Dog and Christina Chapman joined us on both days for The Kennel Club conformation and movement seminar.


Our first ever Breed Club Show was Saturday 12th November and the judge was Mr Nick Gourley Whitchstone who found from an entry of 53 his Best in Show as Douniquan Shanghai Neudues Dues and his Best Puppy In Show was Douniquan Binzhou. 

On Sunday we held our second Breed Club Show  and the judge was Mrs Chirstina Chapman Bukris who found from an entry of 53 her Best in Show as Majestic Temple Black Vudoo, and her Best Puppy In Show was Xia Liberte Bordeaux.

We also held classes for The Chinese Red Dogs and all I can say is what a truly fascinating breed, they are loving, loyal and so highly intelligent.  Below is Soul and Batman two of our entrants for the weekend.

Our Best In show on the Saturday again judged by Nick Gourley Witchstone was Zeke.

Our Best In show on Sunday again judged by Mrs Christina Chapman Bukris was Soul.

Our Gala Dinner was enjoyed by all, and the Drag Queen was a huge success and gave everyone of us a good laugh.

Our Seminar Guest Speakers.

As a breed the only event outside of the UK for Chongqing Enthusiasts was held in Holland, what has been described as the best Chongqing event ever on the calendar. The European Chongqing Dog Club Speciality Weekend was organised by Matthew & Monique Spink .

It was a very successful and well attended event with some super dogs being shown.

Stunning Rosettes, Trophies and Certificates.